video gallery

Welcome to the Making Room Community Arts Video Gallery. Here you’ll find the series of videos that have made by and about our projects since its inception.

We Are Sand In Water

A shot video introducing the Sand in Water workshop, showing a bit about our Portraits of Silence project and the Sparks that Fly project.

Making Room featured in the Park People Video

The Raft

In 2011, Making Room created Join the Adventure, a project centring on the creation of a beautiful raft to float in Lake Ontario. Making Room also built a canoe from scratch.

The Feast of Flags

This video from ritual studies scholar Ron Grimes shows our Feast of Flags parade and ceremony from June 2014.

Feast of Flags from Ronald L. Grimes on Vimeo.

A Day in Parkdale

This Video brings together live performance, shadow play, the community choir, and text generated by the community at PARC. Lead Artists: Jess Shane, Shifra Cooper, Jonathan Valelly

 It Takes a Table

This video is documentation of a live shadow puppet show produced by Making Room Community Arts at Camp Naivelt as a part of Art Week 2015.

Puppeteers/Technicians: Jess Shane and Patrick Peachey Higdon
Puppet Designers: Callen Froese, Danae Froese, Patrick Peachey Higdon and Jess Shane
Sound Design: Jess Shane
Voices: Community members from Camp Naivelt and MABELLEarts


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