about us

1. group shot wednesday

Making Room Community Arts is a radically inclusive, inter-disciplinary arts company dedicated to community cultural development, moving towards a culture of mutual support and bringing art into everyday life.

We make celebrations and ceremonies, large and small with those living in the margins in order to put them in the centre of the story.

We seek to return art to its rightful place in everyday life as a bridge between our inner and exterior worlds. We do this by bringing together people, places and things that have been previously kept apart: noise and silence, action and contemplation, rest and movement, artists and non-artists, the housed and under-housed – all through a process of collaborative art-making. Art-making is as practical and necessary as food, shelter and transportation. These necessities are refused to those most in need. We are thus aligned with movements and endeavors in which people work together to find solutions to these needs.

There is an introspective aspect to our work as well. We believe that there is a contemplative centre in every person and this centre can powerfully be accessed through a process of collaborative art-making. We define contemplation as the ability to be aware of the artistic process and product simultaneously as a part of a single whole. It is all part of the art.


  • To ask fundamental questions through the creation of compelling art (artistic development)
  • To re-centre those who have been marginalized and stigmatized (community development)
  • To enhance people’s skills and abilities through learning opportunities (personal development)

  • To work together and learn from elders and allied org (partnership development)

  • To build a flexible, responsive but resilient structure (organizational development)

      What we do: 

    • Weekly meditation and art-making sessions
    • Multi-disciplinary arts practices
    • Deeply collaborative arts endeavours
    • The creation of large and small community celebrations
    • Weekly drop-in workshops in the PARC drop-in space
    • Long-term collaborations with groups and individuals
    • Day trips and retreats
    • Special events and projects
    • Coordination of the Making Room Community Choir
    • Mentorship and training with students and interns
    • Fostering community interpersonal relationships amongst artists and community members

For information about our projects, celebrations, books, and past endeavours, please take a moment to look at our history page.


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