Join us for the Biggest Table


The Biggest Table: A Harvest Celebration
presented by Making Room Community Arts and Greenest City

Sept 24th, 2016
Meet at 6pm at Dunn Ave Parkette

Making Room and Greenest City are excited to invite you to The Biggest Table, a community celebration of friends and neighbours, friends and neighbours, and of course, fantastic food and art!

Throughout the summer, we have been sharing stories and traditions through art-making, asking, what does it mean to be a guest? What does it mean to be a host? And what can that tell us about the way we share space, food, and art in Parkdale?

Like Making Room Community Arts on Facebook and follow us on twitter (@MakingRoomTO) so you can keep up with our workshops, get more details about the event, and find out how to get involved! Join us every Wednesday in Masaryk Park from 3pm-6pm for art and story sharing for all ages.

Feel free to contact Michael ( or Jonathan ( if you’d like to get involved, or if you have any questions or ideas!

A huge thanks to the Toronto Arts Council, City of Toronto and Ontario Arts Council for their generous support!

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