A summer update!

Moving forward from our Connecting Currents celebration in the Spring, we made the decision to shift gears, start fresh, and begin developing some exciting new projects with both old friends and new partners.

Every Wednesday afternoon, concurrent with Greenest City’s “Good Foods Market”, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Parkdale’s residents at a little booth beneath the trees in Masaryk Park, making art and enjoying fresh veggies with the splash pad-goers, PARC members, and happenstance passer-byes. In preparation for our upcoming celebration (detailed below), our workshops have produced a stunning selection of feast-themed cutlery, invitations, embroidered bunting, napkins and napkin rings, and a braided constellation web.


Following this line of thought, Greenest City has been kind enough to have invited Making Room to help out with their monthly pot-luck in Hope Garden. While enjoying some delicious recipes next to the patch of land where it was actually grown, we were honoured to run an embroidery workshop at this get-together in July, and both a food-making workshop and an interactive choir performance in August. Thanks for having us, Greenest City!!


A short walk away, the Making Room Team has been working with the Co-op Cred program in the Dunn Garden Parkette. Participants, here, have been bending forks into quirky—sometimes unnerving—stainless steel contraptions, setting them aside to be hung on a scarecrow-esque structure. It’s hoped that the wind clanging through the cutlery will be enough to keep unwanted birds out of the vegetable garden, and that our creation will thus be as useful as it is beautiful!

Down the road, over in the Milky Way Garden’s inaugural summer, Making Room has been busy with a small group of Tibetan Senior ESL students who have taken the initiative to carve and construct a wooden awning from found-material in the garden. When completed, this overhang should provide some much-needed shade for those working in the garden, who might find it pleasant to rest on the church pew recently donated by PARC—a respite from what has been a hot, bright season.


Additionally, on its 90th year of operation, Camp Naivelt invited Making Room to Brampton to facilitate its annual Art Week flight of workshops and festivities. In one particularly hot seven, participants engaged themselves with everything from blind contour drawings to braid-weaving—fort-building to river swimming—camp-firing to hammock-sleeping. In a dramatic turn of events, the only thing that could stop this community from celebrating its culmination of hard art-work was an August 13th Tornado warning, which blasted through town and sent us to the dance-hall for a more casual evening.


And as always, we’ve been busy with our weekly Thursday Choir practice, and art-making in PARC drop-ins on Fridays. Both sessions have been particularly fruitful this summer—with PARC members putting their talents on display in miniature concerts at MABELLEarts’s Iftar Night in June and Greenest City’s most recent.



Altogether, the bulk of our activities have been in preparation for an upcoming celebration on the 24th September, beginning in Dunn Parkette, and marching in procession down the way to Milky Way Garden for a celebratory meal. Please meet us at 6pm on September 24th at Dunn Parkette and join us for The Biggest Table—a commemoration of the passing summer, a celebration of hosting, food, and art, and a meaningful start to the coming harvest season.

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