Thanks, Jess!


Many people are a part of Making Room Community Arts.

Whether you’ve visited us at a workshop, joined us for a parade or celebration, contributed to a project or simply seen us around, we count you as a part of Making Room’s community.

There are also some people who take a pivotal role in shaping what Making Room is or can be. Whether they’re mentors, community members, or lead artists, these individuals become part of the heartbeat of Making Room.

One of these people is Jess Shane. Jess Shane began working with Making Room in the Fall of 2013 assisting Choir Director Shifra Cooper part-time, helping to get our wildly successful choir off the ground. While completing her degree in Visual Studies at the University of Toronto, Jess also pursued a practicum with Jumblies Theatre in 2014. In summer and break times, Jess became a staple in our workshops, developing concepts and designs, documenting moments of art and celebration, and building deep creative and personal relationships. Jess’ experience with both puppetry and projections made her a perfect lead for the creation of the “A Day in Parkdale” video as a part of One Small Gesture. 


In May of 2015, Jess came on to Making Room’s artistic team fresh off of her graduation, diving right in to lead projects at Camp Naivelt and Sparrow Lake and taking on giant design challenges in preparation for our Sure as the Park celebration with Greenest City — yeah, the giant bird puppet? The dyed fabric canopy? The promiscuous furniture shadow show? Those all had Jess Shane all over them!

Most recently, Jess helped produce the periscopes and accompanying books that crowned the most recent project at Edmond Place while simultaneously designing a massive, moving lightbox show for PARC’s solstice. And her commitment to sound design and documentation have laid the foundation for the Making Room podcast currently being put together.

jess editing

A huge part of Making Room’s mandate is to provide mentorship and platforms for emerging community artists to grow and develop their skills. As Jess leaves her lead artist position at Making room to pursue new and exciting endeavours in her own personal art practice and career, we can only hope that we’ve given Jess as much as she’s given us.

We love you, Jess!

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