Sound, songs, and studios…

jess interviewing johnny

If you know any of the Making Room team personally, you know that we’re all inordinately passionate about podcasts (perhaps you could say obsessed?). For so many reasons, these online radio shows have revealed to us the incredibly potential of audio for collaborative art making with communities and for telling stories in interesting ways. Artistic Director Michael Burtt even has his own blog about podcasts, Thoughts on Tape, which you can check out for more recommendations and reflections on the medium.

Thus it was only natural that we would make the world of sound our newest area of interest. You may have seen the shadow puppet show we produced this summer at Camp Naivelt, which relied heavily on sound, or caught wind of the Clock of All Time at PARC solstice, which also involved a sound piece.  Since September, we’ve been using microphones and recording technologies in our workshops to gather tape from the many folks we work with.

marlene recording

Naturally, our Choir Director Shifra Cooper has been an instrumental help in directing some of our work with sound. Last month, Shifra led the choir in a special recording session to document the piece“On Tuesdays,” commissioned by Jumblies Theatre, composed and written especially for our choir by Kyle Brenders and Ange Loft.

Shifra has also been helping lead our Wednesday Sand in Water workshops, where we’ve been taking up and unpacking the idea of editing not just through recording, but through our own bodies as a medium.

All of this to say, keep your ears open, friends of Making Room. Because you’ll be hearing lots from us very, very soon!

Photos courtesy of Shifra Cooper and Jonathan Valelly

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1 Response to Sound, songs, and studios…

  1. Sienna says:

    Sound, songs, and studios is a fantastic piece of creating.

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