We’re on fire with PARC legends!

image (3)

After the initiation of the Summit of Legends on Wednesday at Sand in Water, a legendary pyre emerged in the PARC drop-in on Friday. Making Room asked members around the drop-in to feed the fire with stories and names of the legends of PARC, which we added flame by flame to our pyre.

image (1)

Before we knew it, we had members around the drop-in — some of whom we haven’t even met before! — writing and telling us about all of the unique legends that have passed through PARC and the stories that went with them. We know that PARC values memory and oral history, but something about remembering as many legends as possible all at once livened up the sleepy, cold-day drop-in and brought warm memories, as well as some difficult ones, to everybody’s head and heart.

Keep your eye out as the Summit of Legends continues its quest to answer the questions, what is a legend? What makes a legend? And what does that mean at PARC?

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