Falling into Autumn rhythms

We’re delighted to be back into the mix of our Friday Drop-in Workshops. Last week, we were inspired by a beautiful September day. A group of about ten of us made prints of fall leaves, pods, and pinecones in the drop-in on Friday afternoon. After we had printed them with black ink, we added some thoughts about what our Fall rhythms are.

photo (3)

We’ve been thinking a lot about the way our rhythms and routines— personal, as groups, as institutions, all across many timescales— intersect and come to actually depend on eachother, changing together and constantly finding new ways to join and overlap. Here’s a little picture of some of the prints we made last week. Tomorrow we’ll take it back up, with a slightly different theme. Feel free to join us at PARC, 1499 Queen St W, at 2pm for some print-making!


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1 Response to Falling into Autumn rhythms

  1. makingroom says:

    These are so beautiful!!!

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