Back in action!


We’re happy to announce that Making Room will be back in action with our several weekly workshops at PARC, starting this Wednesday, September 24. While the choir has been rehearsing all summer under the direction of Shifra Cooper, we will begin our Wednesday Sand In Water workshops, and our Friday workshops in the PARC drop-in this coming week.

As with every project and every year, we begin by sitting around a table together, sharing tea and quiet, and beginning to make things. From there we divine for the many directions we may go, ready to pick up an unexpected idea or motif at any moment, but also content to sit in each other’s company without much happening at all.

Coming off of our Feast of Flags, our group will begin thinking and making things for our Long Lost Love project. This term, we’re looking forward to more direct collaboration between the Making Room Choir and the Sand in Water workshops, perhaps working with love songs, soundscapes, or rhythms.

If you’d like to visit our workshops or even lend a hand, guests are always welcome. If you’d like to join us for any of our workshops, please email

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