25 Cakes

The title of this post could be either “Twenty Five Cakes” or “Thirty Four Cakes”. PARC recently celebrated its 34th year of operations, and to mark the occasion, Sand in Water members worked intently to create an appropriate celebratory spectacle. At the same time, we were working on publishing our second book of the year, which is called “25 Cakes”, and tells the story of a man named Wayne and his participation in the 25th anniversary of PARC. It was that year when the idea came to make twenty-five cakes for the twenty-fifth anniversary, and ever since then one more cake is added to the list each year, making for a room full of elaborately decorated, glowing, sugary creations.

2013-03-20 06.34.33

2013-03-20 06.33.31

The event seemed to come together in a flash – Sand in Water members and other PARC volunteers spent countless hours the week of the party planning, baking, paper-macheing,  sculpting, rehearsing songs, and reminiscing about anniversaries past.

A special guest (re-)appearance was made by the PARC dragon – an old creature rumoured to have once held mascot status at the drop-in. A two-headed, multi-personalitied version was created by Making Room artists and Sand in Water members, and helped to kick off the celebration with a short performance.

2013-03-20 06.23.25

Making Room’s choir came out with another wonderful performance, singing all new songs and starting off the music and dance part of the evening! The abundance of sugary treats in people’s systems made for some great dance moves, as the Zepheniah James Band played some tunes for us to end the night. The final hurrah came with the breaking open of our dragon’s egg piñata, which took more than a few hits to crack open!

DSC_0556photo: Katherine Fleitas

All in all it was a wonderful way to celebrate PARC’s 34th anniversary and the launch of our second book. Sand in Water weekly sessions are back in full swing for the coming months as we prepare for the next big spectacle…so stay tuned!



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