The Pathway of Life

A lot has happened since our last post! Two weeks ago exactly, we had our first book launch and celebration at PARC. This event was a culmination of all the work we’ve been doing and fun we’ve been having since October with Sand In Water. The event was a HUGE success, and the launch of Pathways of Life is only just the beginning. We are already working on publishing the next story, 25 Cakes, which will be launched on Friday, March 14. Check back for more details on this soon!.

The evening of our launch brought over 120 people into the transformed drop-in space at PARC. Making Room team and other volunteers worked tirelessly to make our usual drop-in room into a reinvented camp-like experience. The aroma of Zephie’s fish soup wafting out from the kitchen, paper lanterns adorning the tables, and a rock sculpture created in the image of Camp Kandalore’s infamous “smoking rock” all helped to bring us into the wilderness of camp while staying warm in Parkdale.
There was a beautiful inaugural performance of Making Room’s choir, which ended in a sing-along of a favourite camp song, “Fire’s Burning”. We’re all looking forward to hearing the choir’s next performance on March 14th! For anyone interested in coming to a choir rehearsal, they happen Thursday evenings at 6:30, and you can get in touch with us to find out where.
Another highlight of the celebration was the showcasing of a collection of wooden and mixed media books made by Tyde, a PARC member and longtime Making Room supporter. Her fantastical creations brought an element of magic and wonder to the evening which was enjoyed by all who stopped to interact with her inventions.
We will be spending the next several weeks preparing to publish 25 Cakes by continuing our weekly drop-in workshops on Wednesday afternoons where we will produce imagery for the book and grand ideas for the next celebration. Stay tuned here or drop by PARC to see more of what we are up to!
(Photo credits to Katherine Fleitas)
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