Our Fantastic Fall Update…and more!

We have been speeding through a very busy fall and early winter season at Making Room!  Since November, we have been back at PARC working with members to create a variety of art pieces centred around the story The Pathway of Life, written by PARC staff member Bob Rose. We are now in the stages of publishing this story as a book, using the gorgeous visual material that came out of workshops done over the last months. These include string prints, free-hand drawings, photo tracing, and scanner art. We can’t wait to see the book in its final form in just under two weeks time!


We are also busy preparing for the celebration we are throwing to launch the book on January 31. We have been coming up with many ideas on how to transform the PARC drop-in space into a magical camp-like environment for the evening. Most noticeably so far, we have been working on creating a large papier-mache rock at Friday’s drop in. The final product will have been inspired by the rock at Camp Kandalore where people sit to smoke, chat, and wait for the dinner bell to ring.


We want to invite you to this celebration and “Pathway of Life” book launch, which are both the results of the combined efforts of over 50 PARC members and staff.  The evening will include the inaugural performance of the Making Room Choir (led by Shifra Cooper), camp stew and distribution of free copies of the book. Art work created throughout the fall will also be exhibited. The celebration will start at 6:30pm, on January 31 in the PARC drop-in. Everyone is welcome!


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2 Responses to Our Fantastic Fall Update…and more!

  1. BOB BURTT says:

    I would like to be part of this. I will have to see. Any one else going from this area ?

  2. lilman says:

    I love the Rock!

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