The first Jumblies Seminar takes place at PARC

Last Friday, Noah Kenneally presented the first Jumblies Seminars of the year, presented by the Jumblies Studio and Making Room. To a packed room of 25 PARC members and friends, Noah described his recent trip to Inukjuak, Nunavik as coordinator of the Innalik Mask and Puppet Project. Using masks, puppets and other visual theatre elements, the children of Innalik Public School told stories about their own experiences, their ideas and their community.

Noah described how he brought together his experiences as a community artist with that of a children’s educator in his work there. He was honest and frank about the challenges of having flying into a remote community and completing a community arts project over a very short amount of time (and spending a part of that time looking throughout the community for bins of art materials). Noah talked also about struggling with the reality of himself as someone from the South who has come to the community on several occasions only to leave again.

“This is part of our country” Noah reminded the audience.

John Rogers is from what used to be called Frobisher Bay, in the Southeast corner of Baffin Island but has not visited for many years. John enjoyed hearing stories from his part of the world but was bothered by many of the changes in the way of life of those living in the far north.

Noah’s trip was coordinated by Solo Chicken Productions, led by Lisa Anne Ross, who has coordinated the Nunavik Theatre Arts Program in Northern Quebec for nine years, working in schools in remote inuit villages to develop community arts projects.

Noah describing his work in the Far North

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