the show boat takes form

We concluded our very busy week yesterday with a visit from Laura Hale, a prop-maker and designer working on the Jumblies’ production of Like an Old Tale “a Scarborough telling of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s tale”. Laura has been helping us build a large ship that will be a prop for the production.

Laura and Mona work on the "show boat"

Earlier in the week, we had a visit from seven media arts students from Rexdale. We had a very nice visit, comparing living in Rexdale to Parkdale. Thanks to Glenn, from the PARC Ambassador program, for joining us to talk about PARC and for talking so candidly about his own experience.

After some time for introductions and meditation, we all went down to the lake to bring back sticks for the showboat. While collecting sticks, we came across a rose coloured memory bike that told a story about that place. This led to other stories about the area. Things I had not known before. We also hatched some ideas for future projects. What a wonderful morning! Stay tuned here for a report from the students themselves.

Mona and high school students by the lake

A few weeks ago, while working on seats for the raft, John, Ash and Josh realized that they could make very comfortable seats out of inner tubes! Last week, Josh and a few others made a three person bench in this way. Unbelievably comfortable!

Josh's bench made out of scrap wood, inner tubes and logs found by the lake

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