We begin building the benches!

Today we finally began working on the chairs. A few weeks ago we collected images that reflected the experience of being held and comforted and last week we went to the Value Village in order to find material that reflected those words

Meeting in a small hallway in the basement of PARC, we found ourselves in the strangest location yet! But after a brief check-in and introductions to new people, we quickly made the space our own. With material that we found at the Value Village, goods we foraged from around Parkdale and a wood donated by Joshua, we had much to work from.

We broke into three teams and before long, we had the basic form of benches that all had their own personality. Angela and Alice worked on their “boob chair”, my group worked on our “nest” while Joshua’s team built an industrial arm chair, complete with wooden appendages and rubber tubes that were transformed into the most comfortable seat.

Because the food bank was taking place next door, we had lots of people walking by and admiring our work in progress, a number of whom who stopped by to lend a hand.

Thanks to all who helped out today, it was a really great time. I look forward to seeing how the chairs take shape next week.

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