The Silly Dreamers Collaborative Visits the Value Village

Last week we met in front of PARC for our next adventure and Joshua was acting pretty secretive about his plans. “We’ll walk down a few blocks to Lansdowne and then we’ll get a cab” he told us cryptically. Once we all gathered, we made our down Queen St. until we got to the corner of Lansdowne and Queen.

Josh reached into his bag and pulled out two wigs, a large scarf and a few glasses. “These are the rules” he told us. “You need always to keep on your disguise. You need to try to stay focused on the task at hand. And you need to have fun.” From the chatter in the cab, it was clear that the last rule was not going to be a problem, but the first two …

We stopped at the Value Village. Just a few days before Halloween, the store was filled with customers searching for costumes, but people walking in with costumes? Not so much. But as promised, we kept on our disguises. We went to the corner of the store where we did a quick check-in and a fast meditation as usual, despite the noise and the bright lights.

We then began to look for material for our seats. The week before, we were asked to describe how it felt to be held and comforted – and now we were looking for materials that fit that description. While we did our best to attend to the task at hand, much fun was also had!

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