Our First Trip to the Lake

A few weeks ago we had our first meeting of the Silly Dreamers Collaborative. The purpose of the club is to spend the next few months gathering both the materials and inspiration to create seats for the raft. Our first meeting began with a short meditation, a go-around and then Joshua handed out a typewritten (yes typewritten) invitation to a new invitation.
The invitation promised “a wild series of ad hoc adventures into collaboration the likes of Parkdale has never yet seen”. It was an invitation we all heartily accepted. Josh then led us all on a walk through Parkdale, across the Jameson bridge then to the lake and a patch of trees where Josh’s raft (affectionately named Danger, was hidden.) Once everyone had safely boarded the craft, we moved out a few feet into the lake. Its surprising how close you can be to land while feeling as though you entered a new world.
Josh had asked us each to bring an item that “we had once cherished but was ready to let go”. While on the raft, we traded items and stories. We talked about how, in the process of collaboration, we have to let go of something we hold dear, but often we gain something much greater in return!

The greatest gift that day, for me, was to enjoy the last few warm days of summer with some of my Parkdale friends in a place that felt so far away from the concrete noise of Parkdale while only being a short walk away.

A few hours later, we took a leisurely walk back to PARC looking forward to next week’s adventure.

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